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Tricked into lesbian experience. (23 F)

Tricked into lesbian experience. (23 F)

Ok thus I’m in college and I also was dropping behind in my course work. We was concerned i would fail the course, therefore I asked the a few individuals in|people that are few my class for help three people said yes but two of these are not the sharpest tools when you look at the shed. Therefore I went aided by the smart one. Most likely the smartest individual into the course a girl called Chloe. She asked us to visited her home the following Friday to analyze she lived alone therefore she stated we’re able to learn through a lot of the week-end.

Therefore I visited her home at about 9 that with a bag full of books and stuff to study friday. She got away alcohol since quickly she said it helped her to study as i arrived. Therefore we studied for around 2 hours consuming for some of the time aswell. We did not really get work that is much we chatted for many of the time.

I became quite tipsy 2 hours in when I’m a little bit of a lightweight and once we were speaking i felt her hand to my thigh and I also did not think most of it during the time because so many for the evening she ended up being quite touchy feely. However felt her hand move up my jeans towards a spot i did not really would like another woman pressing. Then she began kissing me personally throat and biting my ear. At that point i quickly stood up and asked her just exactly what she had been doing. To which she responded by giggling and saying »come on i’m assisting you to learn simply consider it her a little »Ew fuck that gross i’m straight that’s disgusting» as us getting even» i think my reply offended. She had not been delighted after with me and pass the class while having some fun along the way» that she replied with something along the lines of »well you can just fail the fucking class then for all i care i’m trying to help you here, so it’s up to you fail the class or come to my room. Continue reading «Tricked into lesbian experience. (23 F)»