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6 Things Your Teen Requirements to understand About Sex

6 Things Your Teen Requirements to understand About Sex

Since awkward as it can be, educating your daughter about intercourse can keep her healthy—and even save her life. Regrettably, many teenagers have actually various views than their moms and dads in terms of exactly exactly what takes its intercourse talk. About 90percent of moms and dads nationwide say they will have talked with their teenagers about intercourse, in accordance with a 2006 ABC Information poll. But one thing gets lost in interpretation, because only half of these teenagers agree. Listed below are six facts that each and every teenager ought to know, along with particular methods for getting your point across.

Speaking point: utilizing a condom is not because effective—or as easy—as you believe.

Reality: Condoms are very nearly as effective for preventing maternity due to the fact Pill if they are utilized properly. Condoms additionally drastically lessen the opportunity you will grab a sexually transmitted infection—and you cannot inform by exactly exactly exactly how somebody appears whether they have one. Continue reading «6 Things Your Teen Requirements to understand About Sex»